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Item Code:SQU-902
Specification:Replacement SQU-902 Battery (11.1V 4400mAh 6 Cell Li-ion) for LG A405 A410 A510 A520 C400
Compatible with following laptops:LG
A405 A410 A505 A510 AD510 A515 A520 AD520 C400 CD400 T280 T290 X140 X170 Gigabyte
Q1447N  Hasee
T6 A410 A430 K480 R435 ...More Info
R 650.00 excl VAT

Item Code:LGX120
Specification:Replacement LBA211EH LB6411EH LB3211EE LB3511EE (5200MAH 10.8V 6 Cells Li-Ion) for LG X120 X130 X12 X13
Compatible with following laptops:LG X120 X130 X12 X13...More Info
R 650.00 excl VAT

Item Code:A32-H24
Specification:Original LG A32-H24 Battery (11.1V 4400mAh/48Wh 6 cell Li-Ion) for LG R450
Compatible with following laptops:LG 
R450...More Info
R 650.00 excl VAT

Item Code:SQU-805
Specification:Replacement 916C7830F SQU-805 Battery (11.1V 4400mAh 48.84Wh 6 Cell Li-Ion) for LG R410 R460 R480 R510 R590
Compatible with following laptops:LG
R410 R460 R480 R510 R590...More Info
R 650.00 excl VAT

Item Code:LG-F1
Specification:Replacement SQU-524 A32-Z94 Battery (10.8V 44400MAh 6 Cells Li-Ion) for LG F1 Series Proline M760s
Compatible with following laptops:LG F1 Series
F1 F1 Express Dual F1 Express Dual E500 PROLINE
M760s W763s TW3 Mecer Xpression 
VR600 Gigabyte
W551N W552N W566N 566U i1520...More Info
R 680.00 excl VAT

Item Code:LGK1
Specification:Replacement BTY-M52 6911B00160A Battery (10.8V 400mAh 48Wh 6 Cell Li-Ion) for LG K1 Series
Compatible with following laptops:LG
K1...More Info
R 650.00 excl VAT

Item Code:B2000
Specification:Replacement LB32111B LB62115E LB52113B Battery (4400MAH 11.1V 6 Cells Li-Ion) for LG W1 LE50 LS50 LM50 LS70 LS75 LW60 R400 R405 E300
Compatible with following laptops:LG
W1 W6 LE5 LE50 LM40 LM50 LM60 LM60 Express LM70 LM70 Express LS45 LS50 LS55 LS70 LS70 Express LS75 LS75 Express LW40 Express LW60 LW60 Express LW65 Express LW70 LW70 Express LW75 Express R1 Pro Expresss Dual R4...More Info
R 650.00 excl VAT


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