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Item Code:K/B-ASUSK50
Specification:Original Asus Keyboard (US) for Asus K50IJ
Compatible with following laptops:Asus
K50IJ A7 F52 F90 G50 G50V K50 K50IJ K51 K60 K61 K62 K70 K72 M50 M70 P50 P50IJ X51 X55 X57 X5D X5DIJ X70 X71...More Info
R 450.00 excl VAT

Item Code:K/B-ASUSA9
Specification:Original ASUS Keyboard for ASUS A9 A9R A9Rp A9T Z94 X50 X51
Compatible with following laptops:ASUS
A9 A9R A9Rp A9T Z94 Z94G Z94L Z94Rp X50 X51 X51R X51RL X58C X58L...More Info
R 450.00 excl VAT

Item Code:K/B-ASUSF5
Specification:Original ASUS F5 F5R F5N F5M F5RL F2 F3 Keyboard
Compatible with following laptops:ASUS
F2 F3 F5 F5N F5M F5RL F5R...More Info
R 450.00 excl VAT


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